Privacy Policy

Thank you for reading this.

Your online privacy is important to us and as fellow users we will do our best to keep you as safe as we can when using Our Website. The private information you submit to us on this site, together with any data we collect regarding your use of the site, will remain confidential, except for what is naturally shown publicly. Where we collect information about our users is primarily to assess the usage of the Site such as patterns that can help us better improve our services to you the User. We might share partial information internally or with partners such as investors, clients and other third parties directly and privately involved with OppenUp, but this will only be collective data and not individual demographic information on any one User.

Anything visible by one is assumed to be visible by any other visitor to OppenUp and so You as User must understand that we are social media website helping you expose yourself as individual as well as professional to potential employers, but we incorporate social feeds registered by you and linked into OppenUp. This feeds will populate automatically as posted individually through their respective sites, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and you are solely responsible for what is posted and do not hold OppenUp at all responsible for any complications or disruptions to your lifestyle, routine or exercised job search preventing you from any legal gainful employment. Our users should publish profiles, comments and content to the site in the expectation that this will be visible to search engines and therefore accessible by anyone. OppenUp will not share any information about each user over and above what that user has opted to share publicly via their use of our site.

As you use this Website you can opt in to receive email alerts and recruiter or candidate newsletters. Besides this OppenUp will never spam you with unsolicited emails and or use your data to contact you with any request or propaganda benefiting us or others not inquired first by you. We will try our best to be as professional and out of your way as possible while ensuring a fun service for your continued use.

The nature of our services employs us to containing streams of links and sources to and from other websites. For the avoidance of doubt, OppenUp is not responsible for - and has no control over - the privacy practices of any such linked website and this privacy statement should be deemed to solely apply to information collected by this site.

As the site is further developed, instant messaging and other private messaging services may provide the facility for members to contact one another in a non-public manner. As such services are developed; all information shared via such private messaging functionality will remain confidential and will not be shared.

OppenUp will never sell any information provided by you to any other party public or private.