Exactly what is OppenUp?

OppenUp is a simple to use social map that allows you to promote your skills for gigs or full time employment with video and short descriptions.

As a Job Searcher how do I get started?

  1. SignUp with your existing social accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn.
  2. Browse through availablejobs; find the ones that match your skills and interests.
  3. Upload & submit a video through YouTube and complete the required fields for the employers.

As an Employer how to I use OppenUp?

SignUp the same way as job searchers and complete basic company information or create a profile with your name, email and other details.

  1. Post job opportunities available, but remember OppenUp is a completely different approach to hiring, to have better candidates you can engage them with a video pitch of the opportunity and perks and other basic information about the company and the opening.
  2. Make it public and let OppenUp's proprietary platform help you engagethe community directly driving traffic to your company's openings and needs providing you with the best referrals possible.
  3. Sit back and relax or check in and see the community evaluate your candidates while supporting your brand with involvement and support all while simply filling a job opening.

What types of jobs are these?

OppenUp is about matching high quality company jobs with the best candidates possible. These jobs can range from professional assistants, to representatives to photographers, artists, designers, engineers, programmers, consultants and the list goes onů this are not jobs that you have to settle for, OppenUp not only helps you stand out it does so for jobs worth competing for.

What should be included when I create a profile?

Your account is created with social accounts, all you need to provide us is your telephone number, address, prior employment information such as pay, duration and direct managers. (this information will not be shown but will be given as part of a report to employers for your face to face meetings.

Do I have to sign up with a social account?

Nope, but syncing your accounts you get to promote your pitch through the social web and drive traffic to get you hired. -Find jobs. Be social. Get hired.

What can I do if I don't have a webcam?

Oh, don't worry. You can create a pitch with a great description of your skills and talents; upload a resume, links and portfolios. Videos are not the only way to pitch, exposure is what matters, OppenUp is here to help you with that.

What are some tips for answering questions on video?

There is really no wrong answer most of the time, simply focus on being honest, stay on track with the questions, look sharp be creative and unique. Think about your answers before recording and go at itů you have really nothing to lose.

Can I change my video or answers?

Sorry, to ensure a more natural and trustworthy process you can only make updates to your account.

Can I use this with other sites?

We are working on partnering with social accounts to help you increase your exposure faster. For now we encourage you to add links to your traditional paper resumes, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Cragislistposts.

What is a Spotlight?

A spotlight is a promotion channel for you and your skills. Whether you are looking for continuous gigs or full time job, a Spotlight is for you.

How much does it cost me?

The beauty of OppenUp is that is free for our job searchers to use and promote themselves and find jobs.

How long do the job posts last?

To increase the value of a job posting as well as the candidates who apply we think is best when a job post only lasts 2 weeks. This allows enough time for employers to get enough applicants and review them but does not keep the applicant waiting for too long either.